Friday, May 21, 2010

This Blog is Now Inactive Except for Your Reading

I've had the most fun interacting with you all who've left comments.  These linked posts of mine that follow here aren't necessarily my favorites, but here's where you've been most actively reading at this blog:

1. Aristotle's Sexism: the Two Best Contemporary Resources
2. Sexism: A Multiple Choice (Quiz)
3. Aristotle on Love
4. Barack Obama's Favorite Book, And Yours
5. Women Count in Bible Translation

6. A Novel Daughter-"Man?" of the 1st Century
7. Same Kind of Different As Me
8. Are We Ready for a Woman President?     
9. Women Influencing (Aristotle) 
10. The Gender of Sound

11. Jobes on Better Bibles
12. Robert Crumb's Rhetoric, And How We Read It
13. translating Phyllis Wheatley
14. All Men Are Created Equal (with no regard to gender and race)
15. Possessions and Positions of the Translator

16. Gertrude Hobbs: Who Brought You "My Utmost for His Highest"
17. Miss Piss Tiss
18. Suffering Suffixes: "-ική" and "-ic"
19. The Resounding Bible (Women)
20. Getting Luke 2:14 as Glorious Wordplay

21. Sappho, the Bible, and Feminism
22. bibliobloggers on Robert Crumb: few mentions of his sexism and racism

27. Aristotle's logic vs. Alice Walker's womanism: What does this mean for your writing?

40. like God: women speak

96. A Strong (Black) (Woman) Translation of Proverbs 31
98.  Jesus was not a Christian

104...the Prostitute...
106. What πίστεως means to a 10-Yr-Old Girl

151. Translation: "Logical" Case II

212. Mahalia Jackson's Dream Rhetoric

219. How Aristotle Writes Psalm 68
220. Uppity Denigration by “Translation”
221. Mary Sidney Herbert, translating

396. Anne Carson and Aristotle

404. Jewish rhetorics of the translated text

494. Jesus is a Jewish Religious Feminist

498. Feminist Binary: Eleventh Step

598.  translating Hope
599.  my rhetoric

754. This Blog is Now Inactive Except for Your Reading