Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Rhetoric" defined

"Rhetoric" has been defined in many ways, by many people, just in English. Edward Schiappa says Plato may have first coined the originally Greek word. Sara J. Newman says Plato's student, Aristotle, then defines the term in the Rhetoric by "four definitional statements . . . three of which depend on metaphors" and "ambigous metaphors" at that. Here's what else people say "rhetoric" is:

Fendrich R. Clark's collection of

Definitions of Rhetoric

Some Definitions of Rhetoric

noted by
Catherine R. Eskin

Selected Definitions of Rhetoric

of Mareen Daly Goggin

Some Definitions of Rhetoric

compiled by Andrea A. Lunsford

Aristotle's Definition of Rhetoric in the Rhetoric:
The Metaphors and their Message

by Sara J. Newman

Second Thoughts on the Critiques of Big Rhetoric

by Edward Schiappa

What is Rhetoric?
a question of Victor J. Vitanza

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