Friday, December 14, 2007

Teacher Tag Redux

Deborah Siegel at Girl With Pen is keeping the teacher tag going. She says it's her first blogger meme (and it's mine too). I'm only mentioning that as encouragement to anyone who dares (to learn).

Here's the problems, the benefits of such play:
1) This game makes you (stay) humble. Billie at Parts-n-Pieces says:

"Now, frankly, as I sit down to compose this, I'm not sure I can remember the names of 13 individual teachers. But as fragmented as my early life was, and since, there have been people who saw potential in me when I didn't see it in myself, but more than just see it, they let me see it. Nothing could have impacted me more than that. "

2) It gives you chills and makes you laugh. Deborah kindly shares the coolest teachers of some of her interesting friends:

Reading the posts from the people I tagged yesterday just made my friggin day!"

Her own list moves us and gives us a chuckle:

"5. Grandma Pearl, who died this fall, and who taught me gentle graciousness at the very end of her life.
6. Robert Berson, who taught me I was whole.
7. My cat Amelia, who taught me how to nap.

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