Friday, January 11, 2008

Far too

For far too long, far too many of us have believed far too much of what Aristotle believed and taught on slaves, women, and children:

"It is clear, therefore, that some men are by nature free and others slaves, and that for these latter slavery is both expedient and right."

"A husband and a father rules over wife and children, both free, but the rule differs: over his children it is a royal, over his wife a constitutional rule. For although there may be exceptions to the order of nature, the male is by nature fitter for command than the female, just as the elder and full-grown is superior to the younger and more immature."

Some 2,308 years or so later, senators in the U.S. Senate (led by co-sponsors Dianne Feinstein, Norm Coleman, John Cornyn, Richard Lugar, Barack Obama) unanimously voted for January 11 to be the U.S. National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Some, if far too few, will be aware today.

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