Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't Straddle the F-Word

"I don't think you can straddle the freaking fence. At the very least, it would be nice to acknowledge all the mountains the women who came before you have climbed, and appreciate all the barriers they knocked down. Because of their efforts, you can go to college, delay childbirth until you feel ready, get school and home loans in your own name...and, just maybe, be elected President."

These are just some of the reminders you get, if you listen. They're reminders from Bonnie, who's a Christian feminist. "
This is not an oxymoron," she's reminded us before. And now she's saying again: "Yes, I'm a feminist."

What do you say? What does your daughter say? Do you honor your mother? Bonnie does. And she reminds us to listen to intellectual honesty; the father whose words she links to says:
"'I’m not a feminist, but . . . ?' That’s a fraud. It’s intellectually dishonest. So for the record, I am a feminist. My daughter is, too. She doesn’t know it yet."

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