Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why (You Can Say) I Am A Christian

Christianity is not just mental assent that certain doctrines are true--not even that the right doctrines are true. This is only the beginning. This would be rather like a starving man sitting in front of great heaps of food and saying, “I believe the food exists, I believe it's real,” and yet never eating it. It is not enough merely to say, “I am a Christian,” and then in practice to live as if present contact with the supernatural were something far-off and strange...to act as though [you] come in contact with the supernatural just twice--once when you are justified and become a Christian, and once when [you] die.
--Francis Schaeffer, Death in the City

οκ ν σοφίᾳ λγου να μ κενωθ σταυρς το Χριστο λγος γρ το σταυρο τος μν πολλυμνοις μωρα στν τος δ σζομνοις μν δναμις θεο στιν
--Παλος, τ κκλησίᾳ το θεο τ οσ ν Κορνθ (1st chapter)

λεγεν ναχωρετε ο γρ πθανεν τ κορσιον λλ καθεδει κα κατεγλων ατο τε δ ξεβλθη χλος εσελθν κρτησεν τς χειρς ατς κα γρθη τ κορσιον
-- ησος (translated by Matthew, 9:24-25)

April fool’s day is a rather special day for my daughter and me. It’s the day, a dozen years ago, that Aristotle was proven wrong about how fixed nature is. That 1st of April, she was cured of cancer, which is also something the diagnosing physicians said would be impossible. (It was an ununsually involved rare childhood liver cancer). But the Person who gave her breath to begin with is alive and is supernatural, and kindly listens to our cries for help. Today, we cry Thank You!

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