Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Time

Last time we were on this beach, we were riding our bicycles across the Florida panhandle. Redneck Riviera is what the locals call it. Much much different from the California coast we bicycled, where she grew up. And not at all like the beaches on the South China Sea where I grew up and the beaches of Java and Bali where we tried to surf. Tried because the waves are huge after a typhoon.

But this time the beach a good bit closer to Texas where we live and to the east coast where our good friends live. And we have kids now. The small dot on the right hand side of the pic here is our surfer boy who has not one wave but stays in the water all the time. Our beach girls are somewhere else, probably playing volleyball in the sand or some other loud game in the pool.

Just thought you might be interested in seeing what we do when we're not blogging or dissertating. Didn't think about Aristotle once. Good vacation.


David Ker said...

Great news. We're fogged in on the Pacific at the moment...

J. K. Gayle said...

Yeah, but your beach pictures are so fun and sunny.