Thursday, November 22, 2007

And (She) Said

בחר הוהיב ינרק המר הוהיב יבל ץלע רמאתו הנח ללפתתו
:ךתעושיב יתחמש יכ יביוא-לע יפ

και ειπεν εστερεωθη η καρδια μου εν κυριω υψωθη κερας μου εν θεω μου επλατυνθη επι εχθρους το στομα μου ευφρανθην εν σωτηρια σου

And [she] said, "My heart in master was [under]stood; my horn in my god was [raised] high; to enemy [attention] my mouth was opened: blessed sounds [and songs of giving thanks] in your salvation!"

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