Sunday, May 31, 2009

Of Texts & their Translation

Aristotle said Abortion is murder, writing so in his own Greek for his elite male students to read. We read between the lines that such real Abortion may not have had much at all to do with females, which are only mutant males without penises caused by mothers who failed to perform properly in the act of procreation.

Joshua and Aspasia said something else, according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and Plato and others. Theirs is an interlation. The writers are translating the speeches of the speakers. It's more than simple transposition, more than a transcription of talk to text. Otherwise, the former really would only be the transliteral, transliterated "Jesus" of Christians only and not of the Jews all learning to mispronounce the transliteration, "raca." Otherwise, the latter really would only be "Aspasia," a non-Greek member of the Hetaera and not a Warmly Welcoming Woman, a rhetorician worthy of the history textbooks. So what have they said, the lot of them? "Murder is Anger at anyone as close as your brother." Murder is condeming speech in anger and curses even at your enemies. What if we didn't read, and weren't changed by our listening to, them?

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