Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot For Teacher

Title from: Hot For Teacher by Van Halen.

JK has me over a barrel for never answering his accursed "The Best Teachers" meme. Unless I answer him he refuses to answer eclexia's tag for the "weird worship" meme. Gadzooks! So I'll dash something off here and hopefully free myself from this haranguing demon. As I have said before I don't have any teachers that I like. In fact, I'm the only teacher that I can consistently listen to with pleasure. Teachers over the years have called me a plague, arrogant, brilliant but difficult and so forth. I once asked Mr. Betts my eighth grade core teacher, "Why do you keep picking on me?" He replied, "Because you're such a scab." I will mention with fondness E. Bishop my perverse and enchanting Shakespeare prof at UO who had wild librarian hair and a chic wardrobe. Suddenly a light went on one day in my brain as I stood in my medieval studies professor's office and I said, sheepishly, "Do you know Elizabeth Bishop?" He replied, "Know her? I slept with her last night." Quite the dynamic (and married) professorial pair. My first grade teacher, Miss Wilson was a worm and a nasty old bitty. She told my mother that there was "something wrong with David." You can imagine Mom's reaction. Several other elementary school teachers, though, were loved. Miss Anderson emerged from her 3rd grade classroom like Ἀφροδίτη from the foam. (detail, full and article) But it was Mrs. Dufault who nursed the tender seed of a writer. And Mrs. Haasdyk with her Birkies and toes with socks (each little piggie a different shade of the rainbow) who dunked the journalistic sprout with Miracle-Gro.

Most of my teachers these days are bloggers. I watch. I admire. I imitate. Then I innovate. Well, I think I've given the Freudians and the Platonists plenty to ponder. Now will you write your post?

And can someone help Simonetta with her wardrobe malfunction?

Update: Added the link to JK's original post. Thanks, E.


eclexia said...

Oh, David, how perfectly horrid! (and I realize, of course, that you will probably take that as a compliment...) But, you're the only teacher you listen to?! And a first grade teacher who's a worm and a biddy?

I can't say that JK didn't warn me that I had opened a can of worms, but I had to go ahead and push through anyway, collaborating with the little bribe. I suppose I asked for it, no?

Nathan Stitt said...

Link for "who's your teacher" meme please?

David Ker said...

I'm waiting for JK to show wake up and give us the link since I can't find it.

And sorry about the nipple. We're teaching sex ed at our house this week so we're rather in to body parts.

And E, what can I say?

eclexia said...

Here's the link, borrowed from JK's comment on my post. I can't figure out how to insert a link as a link, though.

Nathan Stitt said...

Best Teachers meme link. Thanks eclexia.

J. K. Gayle said...

You're his best teacher! And David Ker still doesn't see it. He just includes you in that overly generic "bloggers" category but should know better. What would Mrs. Dufault and Mrs. Haasdyk say to that? For all his writerly cleverness, they really deserve more credit, don't you think?

I'm speechless looking at that picture you posted here thinking about all the things your children must be learning. Mothers are such good teachers, thankfully. (Yes, I saw your post over there about the books you are using.)

Thanks for remembering and providing the links. Some of us still need some good learnin'.

You're on the hot seat now! (And he never thought Lingamish would give in, until Eclexia. Thanks again, E! You're the best.)

David Ker said...

So JK, does that mean you like my post? All I need from my teachers is affirmation and all I remember is criticism.

J. K. Gayle said...

Of course I like it. Do we know you you intended when you said that some "were loved. Miss Anderson"? I meant to say rather affirmatively, I really like it, David Ker. So you don't forget that.

(Which means now I deserve some criticism for my last hot-potato post. Silence never counts.)

David Ker said...


Esteban Vázquez said...

My cursed teacher was Ms Rivera, back in the 4th grade. She was my Mom's (married) boss' lover, and was constantly picking on me. Of course, one day I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and I told her exactly where she should go for it. Also, she was hellbent on making me right-handed, but that only lasted until my Mom figured out what was going on and brought it up with her boss, my teacher's illicit lover, who was himself left-handed.

Good times!

J. K. Gayle said...

Esteban, Since David's left the building, I suppose I should comment right back. Wonder if he's left handed? But just when I was getting right into the holiday spirits, you come over to tell your "hot teacher" story. Oh well, you get class credit for the meme if it's just a few days overdue, a few days past a year. Cheers!

SteveK said...

David is left handed, or ker-handed as we call it.