Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day

Just talked with Mom by phone. She got my card. Won't see her before or on Mother's day.

At home right now are my mother-in-law, my two daughters, a sister-in-law, her daughter, another sister-in-law's baby daughter, and my wife. (Our son won't be back home from college until next Tuesday; and he loves his mom, so he'll call or send her a facebook message). And right now I'm thinking about what it's going to be like when I walk in the door.

On Sunday, Mother's Day, the mother of our three children will also celebrate with me our 23 years of marriage. We were both 23 at the wedding, so it's exactly half our lives together. It's been tough. But it feels great. She's my best friend. She and our kids make me the most blessed human on the planet. To all mothers I'm wishing for such blessing with their children. It's tough, but it feels great to be a parent. And right now I'm thinking about what it's going to be like when I walk in the door.


Jane said...

Hey TK love your posts
Today is Mother's Day in Switzerlad but not in France and of course in the Uk it is alway before EAster so our mums got cards and flowers then.
French Mothers Day was instituted by Maréchal Pétain under German rule - it's always the last Sunday in May unless this is Pentecost Sunday and then it's a week later.
HAve jsut returned from preaching in French at my former parish - a healing experience for me. I love working with young people and miss it so it was good to preach for confimration and adoclescent baptism

now before this afternoon's Pentecost Thunderstorm I shall sleep off drinking rather too much post service champagne.As the Germans say what it is to live like god in France!

Hope you have had a wonderful mothers day and keep blogging
At the end of my sermon today i actually said that although some might think Pentecost could be celebrated as the the feast of interpreters and translators actually it's the day all of us get to be made unemployed!
Take care - I admire your erudition greatly.
Best wishes from a champagne fuelled

J. K. Gayle said...

Thanks, J! Our mother's day here has been as enjoyable as it sounds yours has been there. Appreciate it always when you stop by. You keep blogging too.

Jane said...

Thanks JK and I promise to get your initials right next time