Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pigeon Holing You

When David Ker pigeon-holed this blog as "Un-pigeon-hole-able," do we not see the irony? When he said it's "Skiing naked down the slippery slope of rhetoric and feminishticism," do we find him driving his Land Rover wearing a fig leaf? When I call him my favorite blogger, do we wonder why I've invited him to guest post here and why I haven't called your blog my favorite when yours is on my blogroll?

I'm thinking now that your personality somehow motivates your interpretation. How do you interpret that? Is it accurate? Just lovely-whacky? Something to chew on? Life changing?

Well, if you know me, I've been chewing on it as I've been thinking about what motivates translation, and feminisms, and rhetorics. And Wayne Leman, with his significant hypothesis, asked some of us not too long ago to declare our personality with reference to Bible translations. Isn't there something to temperament? Yeah, I know, Aristotle got in on this some time back, the personality question thing. But then there's the good work of Isabel Briggs Meyers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs. And building on that is Marilyn M. Bates and David Keirsey.

So what do you think? Is it 1) pigeon-hole-able accurate? 2) lovely-whacky enough? 3) Hmmmm? 4) World rocking?

Here's a little bit of (un)charted (un)pigeonholing as we ski barefooted. (And really what do you think?)

1 2 3 4
*motives! Get it right Free it up Turn it around Make it meaningful
Steiner difficulties Epiphenomenal Tactical Modal Ontological
Quinn strategies Telling Forcing Negotiating Changing
Pike perspectives Particle Wave Field person /logic
Jesus's parable by.the.wayside rock/sun.shock weed.choked
Gorgias's Helen by gods' decree by force by persuasion by love
*wordplay 1 proposition imposition transposition a(p)position
*wordplay 2 describe prescribe transcribe in(ter)scribe
*wordplay 3 head/phallus gut/chest/muscle heart/liver spirit/womb/seed
*wordplay 4 noun verb.intransitive verb.transitive verb.linking/BE

Plato -340BCE Guardian Artisan Scientist Philosopher
Aristotle -325 Proprietary Hedonic Dialectical Ethical
Galen 200 Phlegmatic Sanguine Choleric Melancholic
Adickes 1907AD Traditional Innovative Agnostic Dogmatic
Spränger 1914 Economic Esthetic Theoretical Religious
Kretschmer 1921 Depressive Hypomanic Anesthetic Hyperesthetic
Fromm 1947 Receptive Exploiting Marketing Hoarding
Myers, Briggs SJ SP NT NF
symbolic animals beaver fox owl dolphin
temperament responsible stabalizer adventurous troubleshooter curious visionary harmonious catalyst
Keirsey 1978 Protectors Creators Intellectuals Visionaries
Keirsey 1978 Epimethean Dionysian Promethean Apollonian
Keirsey 1987 Guardians Artisans Rationals Idealists
PTypes 2001 Traditionalist Hedonist Rationalist Idealist
PTypes 2004 Depressive Hypomanic Anesthetic Hyperesthetic
LTT orientation solution activity theory meaning


eclexia said...

I didn't get the chart the first time, mainly because I didn't have the time to sit and process it. Today I came back with a few more minutes, and I almost laughed out loud, and I'm still smiling. My "pigeonholed" column keeps repeating the word "depressive" so many times, and it fit my mood of the week so absolutely perfectly that I think it just shoved me out of the mood (for the moment at least--Perhaps they should have the word "fickle" on there!)

In any case, this is a fun compilation and I loved seeing it all brought together like this. Thanks for the smile.

eclexia said...

Actually, now that I look again, it is only listed two times--I must have been scanning it up and down simultaneously. I tend to read that way, but it doesn't work so great for charts...

J. K. Gayle said...

Charts are so hard for me to get "right." Especially on the blog. But my question--the one I'm too often motivated by--tends to be "why." So, why is that? I dunno, but I do appreciate your comments always, Eclexia.