Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So far, a saga

So blogger David Ker, who once on a dare posted here once upon a time, calls me "impossibly verbose" and then dares me and some of his "friends" to play his write-your-life-in-fifty-words-as-a-saga meme.  He writes his but tells us to get our muse first from a writer in Narcotics Anonymous.

Since it’s the holidays and all, and because rape and heroin depress the hell out of me not to mention what they do to you, I went straight to “Xmas.” I’ve pasted the happy story here as the next paragraph. (And my impossibly verbose paragraphs here always have fifty words.)
Christmas is always a time of horror and misery for her. No family, a past that makes her wince and hang her head with shame, a future that fills her with fear and hopelessness. Walking past the Macy’s displays, she realizes she’d rather be a mannequin in the store window.
Maybe there’s a reason for all those words.  Maybe I feel shamed into doing it or something, but I’m more or less parroting the Lingamish’s story-structure.  You’ll "get" mine next, sort of. Why do I feel like I’m answering my dad the patriarchy?  Now I tag Jane, Rachel, Stefan, Bob, and Charlotte.

trong ngày có trận đánh mà mẹ 
bị nghiền nát với các con cái
Childhood in wartime

ia memboroskan uangnya 
dengan hidup berfoya-foya
Adolescence in godlessnonsense

Grown(ing) missionary kid 
meets match in 
grown(ing) preacher’s kid:
Life in love!

Peaceful rewards in recovery,
fuller in family, 
in friends:
οὐδείς σε κατέκρινεν?


David Ker said...

The parts I could read were beautiful and dramatic.

Your impossibly terse friend,


J. K. Gayle said...

You know we third-culture-kids hate to tell our (complicated, complex, nobody-understands) life stories. To explain a bit: grew up in Vietnam and then Indonesia after the war (missionary parents). Met my soulmate (the beautiful intelligent "preacher's kid") in college in the US. We have three beautiful intelligent kids who teach me to be less verbose every day :) Now that's drama. But I love the part in your story where you bump heads.

Jane said...

C'est fait monsieur - pas terrible mais voilä

J. K. Gayle said...

fantastique Jane!