Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Aristotle's Feminist Subject

Just announcing some changes to this blog:
  1. It should load faster for you (thanks to Jane for alerting me to the problems and to Suzanne for suggesting solutions)!
  2. You won't see (a) the widget; (b) all the past posts as you scroll down; (c) the blog archive linked; (d) my profile written out; or (e) that fab pic of Hypatia (photoshopped from Rafael's School of Athens so that she's looking at Aristotle, who is no longer the center of the painting).
  3. You will get answers by googling or going to
  4. You can visit all the old sites via the little pull-down widget or by using your blog reader.
  5. My profile's just a click away, but funnier yet is this 1962 Life magazine cartoon of Rembrandt's maid (his wife?) questioning the value of the artist's 1653 painting of Aristotle with a Bust of Homer:

1 comment:

Jane said...

hmmm this reminds of a humourous poster my mother had in her kitchen for years a still life of a pot of flowers is in front of the easel, but on the easel is the picutre of an iron and clothes. the man looks at his wife as if she's crazy and the capition is simply "ich seh es anders"
I see things differently ...