Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 Bible Blog Announcements

1. The saddest thing about the April 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs is that not a single woman blogger was voted tops this month. 

The other sad thing is that I completely forgot to vote in March for April. When I voted in February for March (which was the US Women's History Month), then my 10 votes for the bibliobloggers top 10 were as follows:
1. Suzanne McCarthy

2. Jane Stranz

3. Rachel Held Evans

4. Rachel Barenblat

5. Maggi Dawn

6. Rachel

7. Shawna Atteberry

8. Jamie

9. Bitsy Griffin

10. April DeConick

And the following happened in March:

2. April DeConick, Forbidden Gospels

3. Suzanne McCarthy, Suzanne’s Bookshelf
But I hadn't voted ever before for this Top 10 list.  Notice what happened for February:
5. Suzanne McCarthy’s Suzanne’s Bookshelf
6. April DeConick, The Forbidden Gospels
And earlier for January:
9. The Forbidden Gospels (April DeConick)

And when it all began in 2010, for December:
No women at all.
Now, the funniest thing to have happened for the April 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs was this:
8. Kurk Gayle, Aristotle’s Feminist Subject

2. There's a new Bible blog to announce today:
The Better Better Bibles Blog (BBBB) at 
Don't worry.  At the BBBB, they haven't kicked Aristotle's Feminist Subject off of their blogroll.  This blog of mine just hasn't been rolled there yet.  And they've promised they'll blogroll yours if you ask 'em.  (Yes, I know, the BBB bloggers have decided to censor all my comments automatically.  And they've removed my blog from their blogroll.  Sigh.  Maybe some of us will feel a little more welcomed at the BBBB.)

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