Sunday, May 1, 2011

from Amanda, from Rachel, from Suzanne

Amanda Mac, a top ranking Bible blogger alongside Optimistic Chad and Rod of Alexandria, says, "it’s not that there is only a handful of female biblibloggers out there," and she encourages us to read the many. It's not just the same old stuff from men; I think her encouragement to read more of the many women bloggers on the Bible has a lot of value whether you're a man reading or a woman reading.

Rachel Marszalek whose blog is a top ranker among the mostly-men "Top 50," says:  "we are in danger, more than the Samaritan woman, of only half reading something with symbolic import."

At Suzanne's Bookshelf, Suzanne, who's been voted a top Bible blogger, reminds us of the Greek meaning of a Bible word read at the Royal Wedding:   "The Greek word adelphoi..., that is brother and sister."

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