Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogging Next Year

Not sure if I'll blog in 2010.  I started 2009 with the idea to blog through the Hellene translation of the Hebrew bible, as a kind of outsider commentary, at a new blog.  My last post is here, and the tough thing about blogging, for me, is all the misunderstanding of what I'm doing and the ugly comments made by others.  As I spend the day with my son and my daughters, I think about the world they're inheriting and what they'll make of it.  Right now, it sucks more (they say) to be a female than to be a male.  Hasn't changed much since I started blogging.  What makes for change (in me, in them, in the societies around us)?

If I post again, I may want to look at how "doxa" and "aletheia" and "enthymeme" are used -- not in Greek rhetoric but rather -- in the Jewish translation of Sefer Y'hoshua aka Ἰησοῦς Nαυῆ ספר יהושע, aka "The Book of Joshua, the Son of Nun."  I get this idea in my head that our conversations around how people think (how we tend to think) might just get us thinking some differently.  And behaving better towards each other.  Maybe blogging's not the best place to effect change (in myself, and around others too).  So, we'll see. 

I am excited that Will Fitzgerald has started a blog called The Shewings.  He's announced that (and its purpose) here and hereOthers this past year have quoted from Julian of Norwich, and now we may get her works in one place in an updated version as well.   This is the reason I didn't entitle this post here "Blogging Next Year?" (i.e., as a question).  If I'm not writing a blog, at least I'm looking forward to reading.


Bob MacDonald said...

You're lucky you get people who misunderstand you! Such is the gift of those who are seeing clearly. And I see you are running with Hebrew too. My eyes are green like the fearfully anticipated code word I must enter for this comment!

J. K. Gayle said...

Thanks Bob!