Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top ten posts of 2009

Rachel Barenblat (The Velveteen Rabbi) has a practice of posting her favorite ten posts at the end of a year.  I'm glad she did (here) because she got me rereading my favorite post of her favorites (and got me thinking about posting the top ten posts of Aristotle's Feminist Subject in 2009).  "Unwrapping the body of Torah" is Barenblat's post (my favorite of her favorites) on how she reads (how we all to some degree must read) the bible.  Here's a bit that may get you wanting to read more:
As I translated a line which compares the Torah to a thigh, hidden from view, it hit me that the eros in Reb Nachman's metaphor is not coincidental. For these scholars and writers, the Torah is a beloved, adored and cherished. Her truths are veiled in metaphors, just as a woman's body is veiled in clothing. For a commentator, there's joy in cloaking a pearl of Torah wisdom with metaphor, precisely because there's also joy in opening up the metaphor to reveal what's concealed inside. The thicket of allusions isn't an accident. It's there because it gives the writer, and the reader, the opportunity to savor both the beauty and intricacy of the garment...and the uncovering of the beauty which lies beneath.
Now, a couple of times in the past, I've listed (here and here) what you read at this blog.  Here's what the majority of you read when coming over here in 2009.  These are in top rank order by most read.  Numbers 1, 7, and 8 were posted in 2008; number 3 in 2007; and all the others listed below were posted this year.  I'm always fascinated by what you find interesting, useful, startling, or otherwise worth reading (and number 10 of your most read, below, may just be one of my favorites):

1. Aristotle's Sexism: the Two Best Contemporary Resources
2. Aristotle on Love
3. Sexism: A Multiple Choice (Quiz)
4. All Men Are Created Equal (with no regard to gender and race)
5. Getting Luke 2:14 as Glorious Wordplay
6. A Novel Daughter-"Man?" of the 1st Century
7. Women Count in Bible Translation
8. Aristotle's logic vs. Alice Walker's womanism: What does this mean for your writing?
9. bibliobloggers on Robert Crumb: few mentions of his sexism and racism
10. like God: women speak


Jane said...

JK I shall start 2010 reading your 2009 top ten. You are brilliant and generous and creative and I admire you ability, knowledge and commitment. My mind would be less challenged and I would have far less food for thought if you weren't writing.
Sorry I've commented less recently and not bee so involved in reading - thing have been a might tricky recently.
Guten Rutsch! and may the well from which you draw inspiration not run dry in 2010.

J. K. Gayle said...

Guten Rutsch, Jane! Your ever kind and encouraging comment inspired a post today. If you have time, I'd certainly appreciate hearing more from you, even if on anything you read over here at my blog. Thank you also for blogging, for inspiring many of us!

J. L. Watts said...

And I have gained by reading every one of them, even if it took me a few times to get 'it'. Looking forward to another wonderful year, Dr. Gayle.

J. K. Gayle said...

Thanks, as always, for your kind comments, Mr. Watts. I appreciate your blog too. Have a great 2010!