Monday, August 1, 2011

not even Eve sexting; just Rachel pummeling

Last month, we pointed out that Eve sexting nude in the Garden was the only woman in view, that many women bloggers were completely overlooked by the July 2011 biblical carnival.  Then Chris Brady was terrific: he looked and listened again and added several of these women right back in:

 look here!

This month, nonetheless, we start nearly the same way.  Except it's Rod and Amanda who've early on noticed how Daniel O. McClellan has left out all women, save one.  Daniel's added many many many men, and he's only included Rachel Held Evans in his very very extensive August 2011 biblical studies carnival.  And then Daniel only includes her as if to give a sideways pass to "Mark Driscoll" who, Daniel says, "brings his unfortunately not-unique-enough brand of Carnie-mentalism to the show and gets pummeled by bloggers from Rachel Held Evans to Bob Cargill (twice) to Scott Bailey to Christian Salafia."  The irony, of course, is Rachel was trying to encourage bloggers to encourage Mark's supervisors and mentors to call Mark to account for bullying.  Daniel, by his twist on things, is having this one woman in his list actively "pummeling" another, as if leading Bob (twice) and Scott and Christian in ganging up on poor Mark.  Kinda weird, this view of her.  Kinda usual now, this erasure of women from view and this silencing of their voices from biblical studies blogging carnivals.

(ps- I'm not blogging much because it's hot enough here in real life.  hope to be back soon.  thanks for all of the comments recently!  hope to respond some to some of you soon too.)