Tuesday, April 8, 2008

like whiskey and melted cheese

I realized something: Blogging wasn't helping me write; it was keeping me from it.

When I needed to pretend that people were reading, I could. When I needed to pretend that nobody was reading, I could. (For this reason, I never checked the reader stats on my blog, unlike most of my friends, who check it as regularly as their e-mail.)

but it had also become a major distraction. [I interrupt this excerpt to tell a final joke: Some reporter once asked Woody Allen, “Do you believe in the power of God.” Because he’d been blogging, he didn’t bat an eye: “No,” Allen retorted. “I believe in the power of distraction.”]

I suspect I'll come back to blogging eventually. It will be something I quit on occasion, like whiskey and melted cheese, when the negative effects outweigh the benefits. Practically every blogger I know has taken their site down at some point—for personal reasons, for business reasons, for boredom reasons. It's no different from the way we have to turn off our cell phones or stop checking e-mail so that we can actually focus on something.

[thanks MM. I needed that]


John Hobbins said...

Do you what you have to do, my friend. Someday, we shall see face to face.

Psalmist said...

In honor of Blogger Appreciation Day, I'm dropping in to comment at each blog on my Bloglines subscription list. I really do appreciate you and your writing, Kurk. God bless you.

Kalynne Pudner said...

Ack! Wait! I just found you! Come back!

(Even as I know that not only have you done the right thing, I ought to do the same.)