Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shiddy Draft

Shiddy Draft

That last post was one.

If you’ve read Ann Lamott’s Bird by Bird,
then you know what I mean.

If you’ve read Ann Lamott’s Bird by Bird,
you get what she means.

If you read my last post,
then you know what I mean.

If you listen to me,
then it’s a “shiddy draft”
because I,
a native speaker
of English,
flap my “t”s at the onset
of my

If you listen to Peter Ladefoged,
depending on when he’s talking,
it’s a North American English
alveolar tap.

Shoddy draft
sounds shotty.

Nothing is sound.

If you’re an INTP
like me
then you may
like me more
if I don’t like
to state the obvious
(and, to state the obvious,
then, neither do you).

Don’t you think
it’s weird that
the graduate student
advisors in
the English Department
at my university
Ann Lamott’s book
to Ph.D. students
writing their dissertations?

And she never
finished college.

Michel de Montaigne
était bien avec le mondain
et ainsi est l'un de mes professeurs
sur mon
comité de dissertation est en français
et en anglais mais
c'est des bureaux est à
New York City et Jérusalem pas Paris.
Aristote n'a eu aucun mot pour ceci.
Mes amis semblent plus de raisonnable.

Projet Merdeux

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Anonymous said...

I'm an INTP - whether its obvious or not. But I have not read Ann Lamott and my French is non-existent.

Nonetheless, you play with words like I played with Legos when I was 10.