Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Myth Thrust by Aristotle

. . . According to Aristotle I believe, women were incidental (convenient?) receptacles for sperm– the real source of humanity. Indeed, women’s bodies have been as much about what is seen as what is unseen. . . . And perhaps eroticizing women’s bodies is compensation for all that is unseen and misunderstood.

It’s a leap, but Sarah Palin– for all her highlights, beauty contestant photos, and newscaster sheen– is another example of a myth thrust in front of women to tell them what they are. But who needs to have women explained for them, really? Sarah Palin is the latest in a long line of patriarchal fantasies. She is another fantasy of male cultural reproduction. . . . She represents the fantasy of what a patriarchal world wants to believe it can produce. And ironically, this fantasy has been sold to women as the epitome of female power– of female choice!– and of feminism itself.

--MaryCecelia writes more on "What else. . . Sarah Palin?" at TeachingWritingMothering.

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