Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dislexia Gets a Bad Name, & Sentence Diagramming Gets Revived

Didn't I say I'm in the middle of pages of Aristotle's Rhetoric? Won't I watch the debate tonight anyway? Why not multitask? Why not blog more? Okay. This really does have to stop.

But since you think you're not going to keep reading this blog, think again.

1. What if a very important guest poster took over?

2. What if I keep linking to very interesting things, like these:

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Bob MacDonald said...

I may laugh now, (the slate article has one of the best similes in print that I remember) but I hope we all get through the next month or two. The heavens and the earth may continue, but there are no promises about American (or Canadian) election policy in the good book that I know of.