Friday, June 19, 2009


The blogs Aristotle's Feminist Subject
and The womBman's bible
will shut down tomorrow morning (June 20, 2009).

Please feel free to access any open posts or files there until then. Afterwards, you'll have to access things by emailing

Please also feel free to remove, if you're one of the few who have still them, any links in your blogrolls and such.


Anonymous said...

Well that sucks. You will be missed.

Mike Aubrey said...

But Kurk, I miss you already!

J. L. Watts said...

No, I do not intend to remove you from the blogroll anytime soon. I'll hold out hope.

Esteban Vázquez said...

This is an outrage! I DEMAND that you not go away.

Jay Seidler said...

?? Enjoyed your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you again sometime.

Jane said...

Dear JK - I will write to your gmail - but I was sad to read this - the wombman's Bible is brilliant and I have enjoyed Aristotle enormously - way out of my league but absolutely brilliant
BEst wishes with all your new projects and stay in touch

J. K. Gayle said...

Daniel & Tonya and Mike - I miss you.

JL and Esteban - You tempt me.

Jay - I appreciate your perspectives and kindness.

Jane - Yes, stay in touch.