Friday, June 12, 2009

Oswald was a terrible exegete

Biddy is indeed a fascinating person. And it is to her that we owe the Christian Classic. Oswald, it seems to me, was very much an impromptu speaker. My question is how much text did he actually preach from? If he only used the verses that Biddy shows for each passage than we can confidently say that Oswald was a terrible exegete.
--Lingamish (aka David Ker)

What do you think?

Just how terrible is the exegesis of John 1:39, for example, by Oswald Chambers in his sermon? Or might Biddy Gertrude Hobbs Chambers better be to blame for his ostensible interpretation of the passage to prove a point? And how important is exegesis here or in other contexts?

(The "exegesis" of John 1:39 is on today's page of his My Utmost for His Highest. Or is it hers? Here's the original version; and the modernized one, which adds a couple of other Bible references as if these are exegeted too).

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