Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Purim, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy March Madness

(How) are you celebrating?  Here's from some bloggers:

Japan in Crisis as Purim Arrives
17 Mar Posted by Rabbi Yonah

On behalf of Jewlicious, we offer our prayers and support to the people of Japan.  The LA Jewish Federation is collecting funds to help in the relief and rescue effort, and you can make a donation here – all of the donation will go to relief efforts.  In addition, we offer our prayers and support to our brothers and sisters in Israel, ... (read the rest here.)

St. Patrick's Day
On March 17, 2011 / By maggi dawn

....  St Patrick wasn’t Irish by birth, he was born in Roman Britain some time in the 5th century AD and went as a missionary to Ireland. He lacked the gift of the gab in the land where “blarney” is prized, and by all accounts there were people who gave him a hard time, as revealed by his letter to the soldiers of Coroticus (dated ~AD 450).... (read the rest here.)

Get Mad for Women's Basketball
March 15, 2011 This post was written by AAUW Public Policy and Government Relations Fellow Sarah McDermott.

March Madness is here! For basketball fans across the country, that means filling out tournament brackets, entering office betting pools, cheering on alma maters, and occasionally breaking down in tears while watching a favorite team soar to victory or wallow in defeat....  What really gets to me are people who don’t really consider the women’s tournament as a part of March Madness. Every year I get invited to join bracket pools that are only for the men’s tournament, and I also find myself accidently shutting down March Madness conversations by mentioning the women’s tournament. I find it quite … maddening!  (read the rest here.) 

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