Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Follow-up

Well.  It's happening.  Daniel looked back at how he'd made his carnival mostly male and has begun to follow up.  "If anyone out there would like to suggest other blog posts from female bibliobloggers, I am more than happy to add them to the current carnival."
Rod makes a couple of suggestions, and Daniel replies, "Thanks Rod. I’ll wait to see if anyone else has some suggestions and will revise the post tonight or in the morning."

So we have until tonight or in the morning to set this right.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to the blog by then.  Hopefully some of you can and will.  (I'm still looking forward to re-reading all of the comments you've made over here at this blog, and I'm looking forward to talking with you too.)

One more little thing:

Doug Chaplin comments to say:  "I think the link suggestions Rod posts in the comments are to good posts. But are they related to academic biblical studies? This is, after all, a biblical studies carnival. And thank you for the work you put in to it."

So if you have time you might ask yourself, or Doug, or Daniel whether the posts by the many many many men are "related to academic biblical studies?"  I think you might find that many many many are not.  So why do the posts by a few women suggested by Rod come under such scrutiny all of the sudden?

A Follow-up on the Carnival

By Daniel O. McClellan


Rod said...

"So why do the posts by a few women suggested by Rod come under such scrutiny all of the sudden?"

Ummmm Because I always ask the hard questions, of course! :-)

Kristen said...

I made a couple of suggestions over there. But I'm leaving tomorrow on a trip and will be gone for about a week, so I won't see the results. Catch you when I get back!