Sunday, September 6, 2009

blogging notes & miscellany

1. my daughters discovered my blogs yesterday (and that more than any other single thing perhaps) is making me interested in returning to blogging.  They're most curious, it seems, that several other bloggers have written against me and my blogs.

2. others who are coming to Aristotle's Feminist Subject (and The Wombman's Bible) for the first time may want to know I'm a boy not a girl.  That was announced shortly after my mother gave birth to me, but some good blogger friends wrote about it too, once upon a time.

3. one of my mentors, a blogger herself now and the chair of my dissertation committee, got me into blogging.

4. because blogging is such a time suck, and because some people want to pick fights in the b'sphere, I've left several times.  I thought leaving was for good but then last week misogyny and gynophobia and sexism (Aristotle style) reappeared with the authority of "the Bible" that sucked some of us back into a dark period of American history making us want to have better conversations in the light of where we're going, how we're hoping, as we're changing.

5. the next thing I'd like to do, if blogging can be sustained, is to explain something.  Some have seemed to object to how they say I read the bible.  (For example, John has).  I'd like to explain that a little better but not necessarily in direct response to the criticisms.

There's something more productive to be gained, I think, than a direct response to critiques of me.  I'd like to talk more about good feminisms!  My blogger friend Suzanne very kindly called a list of books influencing my read of the bible "Very feminist." (Ken, the blogger who started several of us publishing lists called mine "completely unique.")  In light of last week's discussions about the disparity between women and men with respect to their blogging on the bible, I'd like to talk through the "very feminist" and "completely unique" influences on my reading.  I'm hoping then to do a post on each person listed as my influences.

6. perhaps, I'll update the old blogroll.  Until I do, Suzanne has up today a wonderful list of wonderful bloggers worth reading regularly.  And April is updating her blogroll, we anticipate.  (and below the old blogroll on the sidebar of this blog, there's a current roll of some incredible blogs by several who so kindly link here.  And thanks to Polycarp and to Daniel and Tonya and to Jane ! for their public encouragement of me as I announced, again, I was giving up blogging. My biggest regret in returning to blogging so early is not having taken D&T up on their offer to let me guest post at their blog.)

7. Happy Birthday to Hallie (my eldest daughter)!


Anonymous said...

Its a standing offer. You are most welcome anytime.


J. L. Watts said...

I believe that offer has been good for me as well, Dr. Gayle.

Your 'not blogging' this week as created a tremendous amount of blogging, it seems.

So, either keep 'not blogging' or come back. Either way, I am overjoyed to see my RSS feeder light up when you post.

J. K. Gayle said...

Thank you again D&T and Mr. Watts!!

John Radcliffe said...

Hi J.K.

Just typical. I go away on holiday for 10 days (a very wet and somewhat windy North Wales), and in my absence you start blogging again! If you give me advanced warning next time you plan to give up, I'll try to book another holiday. (I hope your other readers appreciate my sacrifice.)

"There's something more productive to be gained, I think, than a direct response to critiques of me."

Please, whatever else you do don't:

(1) attempt to blog in a "productive" way. Blog because you've something to say, because you love doing it, because you can't help yourself, or whatever, but just never try to kid yourself (or anyone else) that you do it to be "productive" (although I think you'll find that you have been for others).

(2) bother trying to answer your critics. By all means spend some time explaining things to people who seem to have honestly misunderstood you, or putting over your side of an interesting discussion, but life really is too short ...

Good to have you back (if you are), even if I still don't get most of what you say!

Kind regards,


J. K. Gayle said...

Hi John,

Welcome back - I'll try to coordinate better with you in the future, for the readers here of course.

Thanks for your kind, encouraging comment. Your points of advice are much appreciated!

life really is too short. Looking forward to more conversation with you.