Friday, April 2, 2010

congrats again to Joel, but...

Obviously, congrats again to Joel L. Watts for maintaining the #1 read biblioblog.

But has no one noticed that there’s not one single woman blogger in this “the top 50″? Thanks to Matthew there’s Madeleine and to Calvin there’s Mandy and to Daniel there’s Tonya – but really what do these Alexa Traffic Ranks in March tell us about what we read and, importantly, who we read? Can someone claim there’s not a male bias here (once again)? 
"I used to think that because April DeConick was an academic that she would be accepted as one of the guys."
Thanks to Jeremy Thompson (@ #4 in March) for continuing to compile the list -- and even more thanks to him for (finally) posting this comment of mine at his blog and that link to Suzanne's Bookshelf (see above).


J. L. Watts said...

To be honest, I read all of Suzanne's posts but through my RSS reader. I will make it a point to show my support by visiting her site more this month.

I would bet, if we had a different measuring system, we might see Suzanne a bit higher as well as April.

J. K. Gayle said...

J.L. - what you write (at the top of the top 50 again) means a lot. You've inspired me to blog this morning around Suzanne's Bookshelf.