Saturday, April 3, 2010

women on the cross

"Over and over again, I see in much of Christianity, a tendency to put women on the cross."
--Suzanne McCarthy

If you read Suzanne's Bookshelf, then you know she's not "radical"; does not use the offensive word "feminist" or the phrase "antimale" to identify herself; is fun and funny with her writing; and is, in different and profound ways, knowledgeable about the languages of the Bible and how Christians use that.  If you read what Suzanne posts, then you might think she's Mary Daly perhaps (or your caricature of Daly based on what others have told you about Dr. Daly and those radical feminist albeit philosophical and theological writings of hers).  To say, on the Saturday before easter Sunday, what McCarthy said (as quoted above here), that's perhaps radical (and as feminist as Daly).  I also say it's sad.  It's sad - not because she says it or when she says it but that it must be said and that she herself has to say it (again)(over and over).  What's really grievous is that she has to speak, as a woman, not only out of years of very careful study but also from experience.  What's really a-mazing (as Daly might put it) is that she has to point out these "Over and over again" observations of hers some 40 years after Daly had to start making them.  What's really curious is that many more of you blog readers read many other bloggers on the christian and jewish bible -- mainly men reading men fairly exclusively -- when, for you American men, it's during your "women's history month" of all times  -- without even knowing who you're missing, or why, or how, or even what.  And my question, now, on this day before Easter, is Who is this Christianity?  Are you?

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J. L. Watts said...

An excellent post, indeed.