Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bloggin in 1969 (when other things are goin on)

Ha ha world

Every day I used to write you a letter

But you never wrote back

And you never made me feel any better

Always sittin’ here frettin’ and gettin’ confused

Half-way desperate for a headline of hope in the news

When the telephone rang

I spilled it all over my sweater

(oh yeah)

The call was for me

And I answered the phone in the kitchen

(ha ha world, ha ha world)

But the room was too hot

I forgot I was cookin’ my chicken

(ha ha world, ha ha world)

I was burning like Hell

But the stove wasn’t on

Then the voice on the line says,

“The chicken is done.”

The receiver goes dead,

And it honks while the plot starts to thicken

(oh Oh, yeah, AHHH)

Would I have hung up the phone

Had I known the whole room would start swayin’?

(ha ha world, ha ha world)

I was instantly cold

And I knew why my life wasn’t payin’

(ha ha world, ha ha world)

I had money, and fame,

But my wealth wasn’t wise.

What good are the coins

on a dead man’s eyes?

And the ringing of chimes in my head said,

“It’s time to start prayin’”

(oh Oh, yeah, AHHH)

I’ve been sittin’ here prayin’

And layin’ up treasures in heaven.

(ha ha world, ha ha world)

I was home and the front door was locked

When the clock struck eleven.

(ha ha world, ha ha world)

I heard the bride outside yell,


Though the sun was still up

The twelfth hour had come.

The Bible says,

“Without a vision the people perish.”

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