Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cyber-Psalm 40

My wife and I ate lunch today with friends who are very close friends of David Ker's. They told us that his mom, Janet Porter, passed away and that he's in transit to the States. You blogger friends of Dave's will know that too. Our condolences to him and his family. (He, my favorite blogger, and some of my other blogger friends advised me well a few days ago to give blogging a rest so as to get after my dissertation. Stupid dissertation.)

Anyway, here's David's post, Cyber-Psalm 40, from yesterday (and other things he's said about his mom recently).

Mom is gone.
Such silence now.
After so much laughter.

Still here.
Wondering and wishing.
Now only to remember.

Heavenly laughter.
Not to linger in pain.
So why am I crying?

Without you.
Living like you loved life.
Loving the Savior who saved you.

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