Friday, July 25, 2008


Far From Ole's has been a blog a month now (Happy Birthday?) and has already gone into reruns (happy vacation!).

So rewind to the hilarious post Don’t Let the Door Hit ‘Ya Where the Good Lord Split ‘Ya. Charlotte confesses, "Okay, so I’m pretty much a rule follower, and in fact, things that anger me about others often boil down to them not following the rules..." And asks "Where do y’all come down on this issue, and do you practice what you preach?"

Great question. My answer? well, lessons I learned as a little kid (a fundamentalist-Preacher's kid):
  1. "Don't" means "the real fun is behind door number 1" even if you pay for it later in the behind.
  2. if you get to choose, choose "practice" (preaching always puts you to sleep).
Your turn to confess... (No, no Don't do it. Don't talk about yourself on a blog).

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