Thursday, July 17, 2008

What YOU Make of this Blog

Stefan's blog is having a birthday. Dave's is having a gender-identity crisis. (Go say Happy Birthday and go help with the confusion. Go on.)

This blog of mine is trying (unsuccessfully) to stay quiet while I start drafting page three of the fourth of five dissertation chapters.

But since it's talking (again) and since you're listening (again)...

this blog had it's happy first anniversary back in February...

and its most-read post looks like this...
This is a wordle (HT Lingamish) of the most-read post on this blog.

So what's the most-read post on this blog? Well, YOU, you readers have decided that (not the blog itself or, heaven forbid, its writer/s). (And we do say, Thanks for stopping by and Thank you so much for commenting from time to time.)

Here's your best baker's dozen, your top-most-read posts of this blog since it's happy birthday:
  1. Sexism: A Multiple Choice (Quiz)

  2. Are We Ready for a Woman President?

  3. The Resounding Bible (Women)

  4. Same Kind of Different As Me

  5. Possessions and Positions of the Translator

  6. Aristotle's Sexism: the Two Best Contemporary Resources

  7. Jobes on Better Bibles

  8. translation method: better Bibles

  9. Oh my! Opinions are subjective. Oh my!

  10. Our English Hosts Their ελληνικοις

  11. Women Influencing (Aristotle)

  12. Suffering Suffixes: "-ική" and "-ic"

  13. Why (You Can’t Ask Me Why) I Am A Feminist: Some Frank Thoughts

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