Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do Cows Run? Do Texas Racists Love Obama?

"Do cows run?" That's Amelia's question as we're driving through pastureland on the way to her school this morning. And her follow-up, "Then why don't we see them running more?"

"Why am I the only white kid in school writing that Barack Obama does have a Christian world view?" That's Hallie's question as her black friends in her Christian private high school ask the same thing. The students were assigned some time back to write which of the presidential candidates had a Christian worldview. Obama for most of the white students and the all-white faculty is the devil, or the antiChrist, or the person who will sink America if elected president, and against all the things that Christians hold so dear.

"Why are so many of my friends in Texas racist," That's Schae's question when he called me yesterday. He's the only white kid in his dorm at a small college in Southern Virginia. His friends here have posted nasty things about Obama since he was elected president this week.

"Do racists love Obama? Do white christians in Texas? Then why don't we see them loving more?" These are my questions this morning.


Anonymous said...

I think Jesus would ask the same questions.

Jane said...

Reading this I could weep ...
Perfect love casts out fear

PErhaps they need to read the Beatitudes more often but maybe it doesn't say or mean the same in their Bible as in mine ...
thanks for this