Tuesday, November 11, 2008

you, me, and that Policeman

at least a couple of us have knowledge of Him
                              or have had to get to know him:
I. Resident Policeman

To many people, conscience is almost all that they have by way of knowledge of God.  This still, small voice which makes them feel guilty and unhappy before, during, or after Wrongdoing, is God speaking to them. It is this which, to some extent at least, controls their conduct. It is this which impels them to shoulder the irksome duty and choose the harder path. . . .
(J. B. Phillips)


There is a cop who is both prowler and father:
he comes from your block, grew up with your brothers,
had certain ideals.
You hardly know him in his boots and silver badge,
on horseback, one hand touching his gun.

You hardly know him but you have to get to know him:
he has access to machinery that could kill you.
He and his stallion clop like warlords among the trash,
his ideals stand in the air, a frozen cloud
from between his unsmiling lips. . . .

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