Saturday, November 29, 2008

Falling off a blogroll

I hope you keep track of who blogrolls your blog.  For me, it's always an honor to see this blog rolled on yours.  Yes, an honor!  Conversely, to be dropped from your blog roll is quite a drag.  So, I've got a couple of questions for you that may take some brave candor to answer:

1.  Whose blogroll has your blog fallen off of?

2.  Whose blogroll would you like to see your blog added to?

My answers?  Well,...

1.  With no explanation (but with tons of speculation on my part), Aristotle's Feminist Subject has fallen off of the blogrolls at:
2.  I would love to see my blog added to these rolls:
  • the five linked above (won't they have this blog back or at least explain the reason for the fall off the blogroll?)
  • b l o g o s (but I guess I should roll blogos first right?)
  • Suzanne's Bookshelf (even though she announced it's no longer going)
  • The Rosewater Chronicles (some pretty clever stuff with a very picky blogroll)
  • Velveteen Rabbi (but I may have to "convert" to something)


Bob MacDonald said...

I have found blogrolls too hard to maintain. I have also found that some are not suitable for advertising - it's usually a 'perceived attitude' thingy on my part. So I deleted my roll on my site. But you are on my secret Google :) along with many others.

Wayne Leman said...

You haven't fallen off the Complegalitarian blog. You're still on it. The moving company just hasn't finished transferring everything yet from previous house to our new one. We're kind of in limbo, halfway between the old house and new one. It takes time to make moves like this. But the movers promise me it will get done.

There a quite a few boxes not unpacked yet at the new house. At least we have electricity. And we found the microwave so we are able to eat TV dinners.

It will be nice when the entire house if fixed up.

Anonymous said...

Your on our blogroll!


Anonymous said...


Jane said...

Kurk you're still on my blog roll but I love your ambition to be recognized by otehrs - you deserve to be.
btw I sometimes have terrible problems loading your pages and leaving comments. I've had to close firefox and use internet explorer for this but when I'm in Switzerland I even have this problem with Internet Explorer

Anyway In case I can't access comments elsewhere - I loved your translation of the healing of th ten - fabuous. Long may you blog, without or with recognition

J. K. Gayle said...

>Wayne, I'm always amazed by your blogging, your energy, your conscientiousness towards other bloggers. I love the cool updates of BBB and C-E! Thanks for keeping us all rolled there.

>danielandtonya, Thanks! I am honored, and welcome to my blogroll too.

>Jane, Sorry for all the page loading problems. Wonder how I could fix these. May have to ask David Ker who had similar issues from Mozambique (although his solution will be I have to switch to a lesser blog format :) ). Thanks for your wonder comments, and kind words!

Anonymous said...

Wayne... Wayne!?


The upstairs toilet is backed up again...

(ah, moving. *sigh*)

*waves and grins at AFS*

Iyov said...

Sorry I dropped you off my blogroll. I thought you had suspended your blog. In fact, I was under the impression that you posted to that effect.

J. K. Gayle said...

>Bob, Thanks for keeping me on your secret google roll. Yes, and it really is like keeping a garden or something to maintain that public blogroll. I wish I were a much better gardener and tend to let the flowers grow among the other less tended plants.

>Molly, lol!

>Iyov, Thanks for stopping by again. Did you know that David Ker and Suzanne McCarthy suspended their blogs too (or, rather, posted to that effect)? I'm so glad all yall are blogging. (Really, looking forward to the upcoming posts you announced recently).

Henry Neufeld said...

Here's my story, and I'm sticking to it right up until I change my mind.

I thought you were on my blogroll at Threads from Henry's Web, but not at Jevlir. I split the Threads blog up into three so as not to excessively bore readers.

Now I can't find you on the blogroll of any of my blogs which is truly a sad thing since I do read your blog. I can't even find where I linked to you in a post, and I'm certain that I have linked to you more than once.

The solution is obviously to add you back (assuming that you were there) to both places, which I will do in the moments following posting this comment.

Provided, of course, that I don't forget!

J. K. Gayle said...

I'm honored and love your blogs. ("Feminine" is certainly nicer than "feminist," but Aristotle subjects them both to himself.)

Henry Neufeld said...

And I stand corrected . . . and occasionally correctable.