Monday, March 8, 2010

If Aristotle Cooked: on International Women's Day

The wonderful Jane Stranz at her blog "Of life, laughter and liturgy . . ." has three posts today on profound recipes for health and on the importance of cooking to writing.  As she points out, it's International Women's Day today and that's worth celebrating:

from "Food for thought and food for life on International Women's Day":
It was fun to have recipes as part of the liturgy, I wouldn't quite say that it had our mouths watering but it certainly gave our praying a more sensual quality, the prosaic words conjured up smells and flavours as well as the healing qualities of some food.  Fulata Mbano Moyo gave a very personal reflection entitled: Desperation created by systems of inequality as enemy to women’s dignity.
from "Women's Daily Bread on international women's day":
For international women's day, you can download the LWI special on Women's Daily Bread....
from " 'What can we women know, save philosophies of the kitchen?' ":
It was well put... that one can philosophize quite well while preparing supper. I often say, when I make these little observations, "Had Aristotle cooked, he would have written a great deal more."

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