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If Your Body's Sexed Female, When You Can Vote Finally and Where

  508 BC  Don't even think about it yet.  This is Athens, Greece, for males only.

1718 to 1771 AD  Can vote in Sweden if you're also a guild member who must pay taxes.

1755 AD to 1769 AD  Can vote in Corsica unless you are married to a male or are younger than 25.

1756 AD  Can vote in the colony of Massachusetts, America, if your dead husband is the largest taxpayer in a town that is being looked to for financial support of a war effort against the Indians and the French.  Can vote, then, as "the widow [of Mr.] Josiah Taft."

1776 to 1807 AD   Can vote in New Jersey, USA, if you own at least at least £50 worth of property; can't vote after 1807 AD, when the State Constitution bans female voting to safeguard against election fraud.

1838  AD  Can vote in Pitcairn Island.

1869  AD  Can vote in Wyoming, USA.

1870 to 1887; 1896  AD  Can vote in Utah, USA (except from 1888 to 1895 when the USA Congress passed the Edmunds–Tucker Act to disenfranchise the females of Utah).

1881 AD  Can vote on the Isle of Man, if you are a woman who owns property there.

1893 AD Can vote in Colorado, USA; the Cook Islands; and in New Zealand.

1894 AD Can vote in South Australia and can run for Parliament.

1896 AD Can vote in Idaho (and Utah again), USA.

1899 AD Can vote in Western Australia.

1902 AD Can vote in Australia, if your skin is (non-aboriginal) white:  can vote in New South Wales, Australia.

1903 AD Can vote in Tasmania, Australia.

1905 AD  Can vote in Queensland, Australia.

1906 AD  Can vote in Finland.

1907 AD  Can vote in Norway, if you have enough money.

1905 AD  Can vote in Victoria, Australia.

1910 AD  Can vote in Washington (state), USA.

1911 AD  Can vote in California, USA.

1912 AD  Can vote in Arizona, Kansas, and Oregon, USA. 

1913 AD  Can vote in Alaska and Illinois (can just vote for USA President in Illinois), USA; Norway.

1914 AD  Can vote in Montana and Nevada, USA. 

1915 AD  Can vote in Denmark and Iceland (can only vote if you're at least 40 years old in Iceland).

1916 AD  Can vote in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

1917 AD  Can vote in Arkansas, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota (for USA president only), Ohio (for this year only), and Rhode Island, USA;

British Columbia and Ontario, Canada (Can only vote in Canada if your skin is white and you're in the military or you're a relative of someone else in the military);

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Soviet Union.

1918 AD  Can vote in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany,  Hungary,  Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.  Can vote in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada.  Can vote in Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.

1918 AD  Can vote in the Netherlands, in Rhodesia (if your husband owns enough money and you only have one husband), and in Sweden.

1920 AD  Can vote in Belgium if your son or your husband has died in the war.  Can vote in Iceland and in the USA.

1922 AD  Can vote in Ireland.

1924 AD  Can vote in Mongolia.

1928 AD  Can vote in the UK.

1928 AD  Can vote in Ecuador.

1928 AD  Can vote in the UK.

1929 AD  Can vote in Ecuador if you have enough money.

1930 AD  Can vote in South Africa if your skin is white.  Can vote in Turkey.

1928 AD to 1936 AD  Can vote in Spain.

1928 AD  Can vote in Ceylon/Sri Lanka.

1932 AD  Can vote in Brazil, Thailand, and Uruguay.

1933 AD  Can vote in Portugal if you complete high school.

1934 AD  Can vote in Cuba.

1932 AD  Can vote in India if you have enough money and enough education.

1937 AD  Can vote in the Philippines.

1939 AD  Can vote in El Salvador.

1941 AD  Can vote in Indonesia.

1942 AD  Can vote in the Dominican Republic.

1937 AD  Can vote in France and Jamaica.

1945 AD  Can vote in Bulgaria, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Panama, and Trinidad and Tobago.

1946 AD  Can vote in Albania, Ecuador (regardless of your income), Liberia (if you own enough property), Malta, Portugal (if you are a single parent or are married and taxable at a certain rate), Romania, and Yugoslavia.

1947 AD  Can vote in Argentina, Pakistan, and Venezuela.

1948 AD  Can vote in the Belgium (with no income restrictions), Burma, Israel, and South Korea.

1949 AD  Can vote in Chile, China, Costa Rica, India (with no income restrictions), and Syria (if you have enough money).

1950 AD  Can vote in Haiti.

1951 AD  Can vote in Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St Christopher (Kitts) and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Sierra Leone.

1952 AD  Can vote in Bolivia, in Côte d'Ivoire, and in Greece (where democracy was born in 508 BC for males only of course).

and ...

1957 AD  Can vote in Malaysia and Zimbabwe.

1958 AD  Can vote in Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea, Laos, and Nigeria (with no income restrictions).

1959 AD  Can vote in Brunei (in village elections only), Madagascar, San Marino, Tanzania, and Tunisia.

1960 AD  Can vote in the Bahamas, Cyprus, the Gambia, and Tonga.

1961 AD  Can vote in Burundi, Malawi, Mauritania, Paraguay, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.

1962 AD  Can vote in Algeria, Monaco, Uganda, and Zambia.

1963 AD  Can vote in Afghanistan, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Fiji, Iran, Kenya, and Morocco.

1964 AD  Can vote in Libya, Papua New Guinea, and Sudan.

1965 AD  Can vote in Botswana and Lesotho.

1967 AD  Can vote in Kiribati, Tuvalu, and Yemen.

1968 AD  Can vote in Nauru and Swaziland.

1970 AD  Can vote in Andorra.

1971 AD  Can vote in Switzerland.

1972 AD  Can vote in Bangladesh.

1973 AD  Can vote in Bahrain.

1974 AD  Can vote in Jordan and Solomon Islands.

1975 AD  Can vote in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Vanuatu.

1977 AD  Can vote in Guinea-Bissau.

1978 AD  Can vote in Moldova.

1979 AD  Can vote in the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau.

1980 AD  Can vote in Iraq 1980.

1984 AD  Can vote in Liechtenstein.  Can vote in South Africa if you're "Coloured" and "Indian."

1986 AD  Can vote in Central African Republic.

1990 AD  Can vote in American Samoa.

1994 AD  Can vote in South Africa if you're "Black."

1997 AD  Can vote in Qatar.

2002 AD  Can vote in Timor-Leste.

2003 AD  Can vote in Oman.

2005 AD  Can vote in Kuwait.

2006 AD  Can vote in the United Arab Emirates.

2009 AD  Can vote in the Falkland Islands.

(compiled from's_suffrage

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