Sunday, March 14, 2010

If Your Body's Sexed Female, "Who Do You Think You Are"

Have you caught the histories being written on NBC's new series from executive producer, Emmy Award winner, Lisa Kudrow?  It's called "Who Do You Think You Are":
The program is part documentary, part reality show — all with the added appeal of a little celebrity dish. Sarah Jessica Parker, running back Emmitt Smith, Brooke Shields and Susan Sarandon are among those who delve into their respective histories. Kudrow’s episode, the third of seven in the series, airs on March 19.
And women are written into personal and public history for the first time.

In the first episode, "Sarah [Jessica Parker]'s father's side of the family dates back to Eastern European Jewish, but there is a lot unknown about her mother's side."  Much of this then becomes known.

In the second episode, "Emmitt [Smith] wants to know how he connects to the motherland of Africa and what impact that has on who he is."  Julie and I watched this one Friday evening and were drawn to tears with Smith as he learns of his great, great, great, great grandmother Mariah Puryear and her unsung heroism.

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Suzanne McCarthy said...

I enjoyed Emmit Smith's story the other day. Good stuff.