Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fleas and the Louse

Adam had em

Where'd this poem (the shortest in English ever) come from? It answers where fleas come from, says Ali.

But I want to know:

is this Adam or Shel Silverstein?
and where'd the first louse come from in our house? why's its family on my spouse? and in our hair as their lair? did my daughter and I get them there (in Oklahoma, hiking and camping)?

and how dare they fare so well now here in Texas
(and not in Arkansas, Hawaii, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Virginia where I'd lived months on end louse-less)!

Louse (says Eve)
from Spouse

and all Adam's children give us advice,
and this bugging image not so nice
(thankfully nice advice, for gone are those lice):

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