Wednesday, September 10, 2008

your (possible) addiction, and mine

The academics have proven, once again, that you (and I) may be addicts. Here's yesterday's news (hinting that you're wasting your time and your sanity reading my blog):

September 9, 2008

It's Ba-ack: Internet Addiction Is the New New Affliction

The University of Montreal says one of its researchers is looking into a “new addiction” — Internet addiction.

. . . now people seem more or less inured to the notion of spending countless, pointless hours checking their e-mail, playing games, and watching videos of shark attacks and newscaster flubs on YouTube.

. . . the press release from the University of Montreal has an arresting passage: “We know of serious cases in which teenagers don’t leave the house, don’t have interpersonal relationships, and have been isolated in front of their computer screens for the past two or three years, and only speak in the language of the characters they play with in network video games,” says Louise Nadeau, a professor in the university’s psychology department. . . .

Hey, you, in there. What are you doing? Go outside. Get some sun. —Scott Carlson


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