Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just the FAQs

Billie told me last week that she had students in her composition courses look at my blog. (They might have looked at yours too, I'm telling you now, because she gave them a list of interesting blogs to look at, to research, and to write about). She said the students had lots of questions.

People who read this blog seem to have frequently asked questions. So, in pretty random order, here are just the FAQs about this blog.
  1. What is Aristotle's feminist subject?
  2. Was Aristotle a feminist, a misogynist, a gynophobe, or something else?
  3. Who is the blogger writing to? Who's the intended audience?
  4. Who actually reads this blog?
  5. Who links to this blog?
  6. Why does one blogger describe it as "Skiing naked down the slippery slope of rhetoric and feminishticism"? Why is it variously classified as "unpigeonholable," as among the "smarties," as having laughably-long posts, as one of the ''radtastic corners of the blogosphere," as "mindblowing," as among "philosophy" blogs, as "learned (and difficult) comment by a very well-read J.K. Gayle"?
  7. Who is J. K. Gayle? A woman or a man? (Why is she/he "infamous"? feminist? philosophical? religious? hypocritical? hyperbolous? parabolic? political? rhetorical? academic? What are those profile allusions to hippos and David Ker and some private blog called diss. dump?)
  8. Who're the pictures of in the sidebar?
  9. Why do some bloggers avoid blogrolling this blog?
  10. How can I get my blog blogrolled here? And what kind of blogs generally get rolled here?
  11. What is feminism? What is rhetoric? What is feminist rhetorical translation?

Feel free to leave your own questions in the comments. Feel free to leave your own answers. Feel free to leave, to stay, to come back as often as you like.


Bill said...

Hey, J.K. We're back in Texas and my campus is close to TCU. Can I buy you dinner some night? I'd love to know more about the classics program there.

(Bet that wasn't a FAQ. ;)

J. K. Gayle said...

back in Texas, huh? Well Bill, that does raise questions. email me: jkgayle at gmail dot com.