Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin is a Jew, a Feminist, and the Head of ...

Okay, let's clarify.

Sarah Palin

. . . is someone who "a few weeks ago, . . . sat in her Alaska church as her minister glowingly introduced the head of Jews for Jesus, a group of mostly evangelical Christians who aim to convert Jews to Christianity";

. . . is one of the members of "Feminists for Life";

. . . is the head of Alaska
"a woman [who] should ‘submit graciously’ to [her husband Todd's] servant leadership"
but should not be "the head of the household,"
according to a spokes-man for the Southern Baptist Convention of churches (the head of its Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and his own home) who says,
"The only restrictions [on Palin and all women that] we find in Scripture are that, for whatever reason, women are not to be in charge of a marriage and women are not to be in charge of a church."

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